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My Top 100 Vines
My Top 100 Vines My Top 100 Vines My Top 100 Vines
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Added On 2016 December 10
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Video Description 0:00 3005( Childish Gambino) dance by Quenlin Blackwell 0:06 IM CRYING { baesil } 0:11 IT WAS SUPPOSED TO LAND ON MY FACE THEN I TRIED TO LAUGH AND CHOKED HELP 0:15 LOOK AT MY FACE AT THE END 0:20 MY BATHROOM LIGHT TURNED ON. BYE 0:25 there is something really wrong with me 0:32 HELP SOS IM ABOUT TO GET BURNED AT THE STAKE MY PARENTS ARE ASLEEPSBS 0:38 WTH JUST HAPPENED I CANT BREATHE I DEFIED GRAVITY HELOB 0:45 I SPED THIS UP AND NOW IT LOOKS LIKE A EXORCISM 0:52 OMFGTHIS WAS 2 YEARS AGO 0:57 "i want someone that can play the gutair" 1:04 No bones 1:09 my taser is the only thing I need to survive in this putrid world 1:15 #lit 1:22 when the person you like tweets about someone else. 1:28 what is life 1:35 child's first words 1:40 "Why don't you ever come out of your room" I recommend 10/10 1:46 #Inspiration for the day 1:53 what is wrong with me 1:59 conspiracy 2:06 Choking on candy canes #wintergoals 2:10 life is crazy when your shoulder breaks 2:15 Skype goes so hard 2:22 Jesus camp goes wrong 2:28 your opinion is invalid 2:35 when I look in the mirror 2:36 I made this last night because I was wearing lunch lady couture 2:43 Disney... I salute to you 2:49 I want this handshake to play at my funeral #goldenglobes 2:55 You can hear the impact on my cranium 3:01 send this to your crush 3:05 IM IN TEARS IM IN TEARS. Jacob Sartorius 3:12 I love the matching liquid lipstick too 3:18 after you watch a good episode of law and order 3:25 a girl a dream & a clothing hanger 3:31 my mother walked in. 3:38 I don't have anymore ideas 3:44 always wear your seat bet 3:46 when your crush tells a joke (IB Parker Kit Hill ) 3:52 I CANT BREATHE 3:59 I got stuck 4:06 reptile in disguise ..idek 4:12 This is my masterchef submission video 4:18 I was trying to use a hanger to make my butt look bigger but it snapped& now I'm bleeding . 4:24 this is a warning . 4:30 goals❤️❤️❤️螺 4:35 @my friends 4:42 WHEN PEOPLE FEEL ITS NECESSARY TO TALK ABOUT YOUR APPEARANCE 4:48 I panicked because I thought the bunny broke 4:54 when bae wants someone without hip flexors❤️螺 4:58 WHEN SOMEONE ATTEMPTS TO ROAST YOU. 5:03 WHEN A NEW SEASON IS ADDED ON NETFLIX 5:09 so um the egg was already cooked..? (masterchef submission #2) 5:16 that one friend that CANNOT dance. 5:22 she screams for ice cream #sosa 5:25 MY LIGHTS FLICKERED THEN SATAN ROARED SO HELP PLEASE. 5:32 anyone else have this issue? 5:38 and just like that..a star was born 5:44 I need answers 5:50 @people who chew on their pens during class 5:57 I can't believe I just witnessed a 5fml concert 6:03 "how's life" 6:08 me cutting u off 6:14 THERE IS A LEGIT VULTURE AT MY HOUSE. ISNT IT SUPPOSED TO BE IN THE DESSERT OR SOMTJING ? 6:21 I was tryna Krump dance and broke my glasses that I've had FOR LEGIT 14DAYS . 6:27 @negative people 6:34 this is my pet chicken Ernesto 6:40 she just straightened her hair 6:46 when you realize you're fine af 6:51 when your crush asks for help 6:56 my summer 7:02 I've been in the shower for almost 2 hours 7:07 when your attitude stinks 7:14 first time playing (: #ukulele 7:17 meet my new puppy stitch 7:21 puppy 7:27 IDK WHAT WAS IN MY ROOM . IM SCREAMING 7:30 my chicken and I 7:36 babysitting instructions 7:41 when I see the someone taking a picture of me 7:48 chiken wisperer 7:53 mom talking to son whose on drugs at the moment 7:59 what is this 8:03 please send money ..please 8:10 food 8:14 up Nick Colletti 8:20 Arise 8:25 WHEN ITS TIME TO FEAST 8:31 IT WKNG LEAVE MY ROOM 8:37 JOHN CENA JUST REINVENTED THE DAB #TCA 8:44 jelló 8:48 pet chicken gone WILD 8:51 MY LOCKED DOOR OPENED. CURRENTLY IM SITTING ON THE PORCH 8:57 WHEN PEOPLE ASK ME QUESTIONS WHEN SCHOOL STARTS 9:03 do I have a homecoming date? HAHAH 9:09 TEACHER HAS A FLASHBACK TO 2016 9:16 My romantic life 9:22 WHO STUDIED?? 9:29 WHEN UR EX TRIES TO ACT LIKE THEY DIDNT LIKE YOU SIKE AHAH